Why Choose Secureone?

We are not the least expensive security provider, for good reason: we won't cut corners. We invest in our people and technology to keep employee turnover rates low and to continually provide services that are superior to the competition. We are committed to exceeding industry standards when it comes to supervision, training and technology. Would you want your property protected by someone who earns less than a burger flipper? How about someone who's just putting in the time until they can find a better paying job? We didn't think so. We wouldn't either. Some security firms may look like a bargain - at least on the surface. But look closer. We believe Secureone is a better bargain than our competitors because:

  • We don't believe in multi-year contracts with built-in, automatic rate increases. We believe that our pay is earned through performance.
  • We don't sneak in "additional charges" that aren't part of your contract. We make sure all charges are spelled out in the agreement.
  • We don't charge excessive rates (as much as double-time in some cases) for holidays. We typically designate only 6-8 days per year as "holidays". Some competitors provide for as many as 18 days per year as "holidays".
  • Some companies make a good living charging extra for equipment. We believe that sometimes it's just cheaper to buy and maintain such equipment yourself. We'll help you decide.
  • Secureone maintains one of the lowest margins in the industry. We do not bill extra for overtime or supervising our own employees. Our weekly overtime is under 1%.
  • We don't charge for field supervisor inspections; some companies do. In most cases, our clients experience more field supervisor inspections than they would with a company that charges extra for them.
  • Secureone maintains well above average coverage limits and the right insurance coverage for your protection. Most state requirements are inadequate, and many security firms provide only the minimum required coverages and policy limits. We don't short change you with inadequate insurance coverage and low policy limits. We'll be glad to provide a sample insurance certificate indicating coverage amounts upon request and we invite your comparison.
  • For what we have to offer, we're sure you'll find our services are priced fairly. We go above and beyond what you expect out of a security company to provide exceptional value to our clients at all times.

70% of our new clients are referrals from existing clients. Speak to our references and look through our testimonials and you will understand our priorities are different than other companies. Isn't it time you were happy with both the officers and the company that provides your security? You can be with Secureone. Call us today at: 1-800-807-5750 to get started. We'll take it from there!

Key Personnel

Secureone management is the very best in the industry with more than 150 years of combined experience. Secureone believes that if you surround yourself with the best – you will be the best. Many people make Secureone successful. Our staff includes:

  • A retired National Security Director from a Fortune 50 company
  • A former VP for a national security company
  • A former Director of Security from one of the most prestigious resorts in America
  • A former investigator for a major retail chain
  • Several former Area Managers from the “other” security companies
  • A Captain in the Army National Guard in charge of MP's
  • A retired Facility Manager from THE major computer chip maker
  • An owner / CEO who has held various important security positions, including Director of a multi-state contract security company, which he helped grow from $7 million to more than $50 million in sales in just 5 years. Since Secureone's inception he has provided company vision, daily management and direction to be the best in the industry. His guidance has allowed us to grow from 0 to more than 200 employees today without acquisitions.