"100% of Secureone clients believe that we are better than a sharp stick in the eye"

What just a few of our clients had to say about Secureone:

"Security has been a challenge at many of our hotels, but has never been an issue at the hotels that use Secureone. I am a supporter of yours!! I appreciate your service." - , Western Region

"I get security companies in here all the time trying to sell me their services. I don’t bother because in 8 years with Secureone I have never had a serious security related incident on my property. They constantly reinforce policies and procedures so nobody drops the ball. Doing exactly what I require is what I need. Thank you to everyone involved." - – Chicago, IL

"I get numerous phone calls and in person solicitations all the time from security companies for me to allow a bid, but I don’t because I have been pleased with Secureone’s services for 6 years now." - – Scottsdale, AZ

"Your technology has saved me tens of thousands of dollars just in my time and has allowed me to take care of my community instead of answering questions all day long. Our community has greatly benefited from having Secureone on site." - – Phoenix, AZ

"Your officers are vital members of our team. They are always reliable and professional." -

"I just wanted to pass along that I looked at a 6 month crime map of our property and there hasn’t been a single incident. It’s amazing when comparing us to neighboring communities. Keep up the good work." - – Prescott, AZ

"Your officers are always professional, courteous and punctual. The field supervisor stops by several times a week. No complaints from me which is a good thing." - – Chicago, IL

"I went through several companies over the years on my property. Glad I found Secureone – It’s not that they are perfect but take care of any issue immediately. That’s all I ask for." - – South Side Chicago, IL