Like many of the largest global security providers, we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the latest computer technology to manage our security programs and our business. Unfortunately, many of our similarly sized competitors either haven't had the capital or haven't appreciated the importance of advanced technology in providing exceptional customer service. As a result, they continue to use spreadsheets and manual processes that invariably become burdensome and unmanageable in time.

Examples of our technology are:

Valiant Software:

Our scheduling, payroll and billing system is the most advanced written specifically for our industry. It represents a huge investment in our company but more important the peace of mind it affords our clients. Some of the benefits of using Valiant are:

  • Ensures that an officer has the proper training and qualifications BEFORE they can be scheduled at a clients location, eliminating errors
  • Phone call in system that cross checks client caller IDs to ensure the officer is calling from the correct location, notifies supervision of any exceptions
  • Automatically dispatches a supervisor to the clients location if an officer fails to clock in within 8 minutes of his scheduled shift
  • Scheduling, payroll and billing is integrated so clients are billed exactly what’s worked
  • Invoicing can be broken down to even include the officers shift worked
  • Controls overtime so we may give our clients more for their investment in us

ACTUAL SCREENSHOT (Mouse over image to zoom):

Valiant scheduling, payroll and billing Software

Patroltrac Officer Accountability Software:

Patroltrac - represents another substantial investment in technology. This state-of-the-art, wireless GPS-powered system provides extensive onsite real time monitoring and reporting capabilities. This software is a “Green” alternative to paper reports. Some benefits of using Patroltrac are:

  • Client website that can be used to virtually monitor your security in real time
  • GPS tracking, mapping and Geo fencing to ensure the officer is on task
  • Report security related incidents to the officer in the field instantaneously
  • Paperless online officer reporting with email alerts to the client and management
  • Ultimate accountability ensuring you get what you pay for
  • Unlimited reporting capabilities with online storage for 7 years
  • Reduced liability insurance premium programs

ACTUAL SCREENSHOTS (Mouse over image to zoom):

Patroltrac Software screenshot 1 Patroltrac Software screenshot 2 Patroltrac Software screenshot 3 Patroltrac Software screenshot 4 Patroltrac Software screenshot 5

Patroltrac Software screenshot 6 Silvertrac Mobile Software screenshot 1 Silvertrac Mobile Software screenshot 2 Silvertrac Mobile Software screenshot 3 Silvertrac Mobile Software screenshot 4

Networkfleet online vehicle monitoring:

We utilize Networkfleet online vehicle monitoring to manage and dispatch our field supervisors and patrol officers. We know where every vehicle is at all times allowing us to reduce response times to a minimum for our clients. Some benefits of us using Networkfleet are:

  • GPS fleet tracking of our supervisors and patrol drivers – we can locate any vehicle anywhere 24/7 and dispatch accordingly
  • Reduces fuel costs, vehicle maintenance and reduces emissions
  • Real-time vehicle diagnosis and alerts

By investing in the same and sometimes better technology employed by the world's largest security firms - both in the back office and in the field - Secureone provides its clients with the capabilities of the world's largest security firms while still being able to provide personal, responsive service that's customized to meet your needs.

ACTUAL SCREENSHOTS (Mouse over image to zoom):

Networkfleet Software screenshot 1 Networkfleet Software screenshot 2

That's the Secureone difference. Call us today 800-807-5750 and start experiencing the difference for yourself.