Patrol Services

Our highly trained mobile patrol officers are ready to help reduce problems at your site or community. Our uniformed and plain clothes officers are trained to recognize problems and respond quickly in an appropriate manner, with instant communication capabilities to call in additional Secureone or law enforcement for emergency response.

Our patrol services can include:

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  • Scheduled or random onsite patrols with interior and exterior inspections and random patrol patterns
  • Lock-up services
  • Community inspections
  • Reporting of security and safety issues
  • Fire watch
  • Maintenance checklists
  • Alarm and incident response
  • Highly visible, clearly marked vehicles
  • Officers equipped with our GPS powered Patroltrac technology

And much more.

Our Patrols are Backed by Patroltrac

Our state-of-the-art Patroltrac system represents a substantial investment in technology to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our patrol services in real time. Secureone's patrol services offer you the benefits of the patrol technology used by the world's largest security firms while retaining the personalized level of service and attention offered by smaller firms.

Our Patroltrac system includes:

  • Patrol officers report security and safety issues in real time that include a company date and time stamped photo or recorded audio
  • Full detailed PDF report of officer activity by the minute
  • GPS (Global Positions Satellite) locater tracking by officer name, location and time/date
  • Dispatch and client issue monitors
  • Comprehensive client reports, including:
    • Officer Detail Summary
    • Daily Activity Report
    • Officer Shift Report
    • Issue Summary Report
    • GPS Picture Report
    • Vehicle Violation Report
    • Pool and Spa Report
    • Patio Violation Report
    • Dog Dispenser Report
    • Resident History Report
    • 3 Day Notice Report
    • Building Detail reports (by building and by unit)
    • Building Maintenance Liability Report (by building and by unit),

View our Patroltrac video to learn more about what our system has to offer.

Start experiencing the Secureone difference today. Call us at 800-807-5750 for patrol services custom designed to meet your specific needs.