About Us

Secureone, Inc. is a privately owned business that has been providing local, regional, and nationwide contract security services from our local offices for more than 10 years. Our corporate management staff has over 150 years of security experience that includes federal, state, and private contracts. Learn more about our key personnel.

Keys to Our Success

  • Secureone's management philosophy goes beyond settling for satisfying the contract. We're committed to exceeding our clients' expectations for service.
  • We have made major investments in management and technology to enhance our services and client service.
  • We believe that no compromises are acceptable when it comes to the three essential building blocks of service excellence for contract security:
    • Employee screening and selection
    • Training and supervision
    • Management responsiveness
  • We believe a strong link of daily communications is essential. Every Secureone staff member meets all local, state and federal licensing requirements; each staff member is fully covered by liability and workmen's compensation coverage.
  • We believe in the value of being proactive and professional at all times.
  • A single point of contact is available to every client 24/7.

We are confident that the people who know us best - our clients and employees - will support our claim of consistently demonstrating our commitment to quality. Call us today 800-807-5750 and start experiencing the Secureone difference.

Our Approach

  • Secureone‚Äôs executive staff embraces a philosophy committed to:
    • Implement initiatives that carry out our commitment to be the best in the industry.
    • Thoroughly screen new hires to find the right fit for every position; train them to allow them to excel at what they do; provide consistent supervision and the conditions necessary to best serve our clients and minimize turnover.
    • Provide prompt and effective operational, logistical and administrative support to all of our accounts.
  • Our clients, supervisors and management are regularly polled by our Quality Assurance Department that reports directly to our owners, ensuring a prompt response to any issues requiring support.
  • The Secureone organization maintains and emphasizes an open door policy for the benefit of our clients and our employees. We are available twenty-four hours a day to our clients and employees to discuss and resolve any concern regarding service.

Our Affiliations

Below is a partial list of Secureone, Inc.'s affiliations: